Our Story

Back in 2015 Queenstown was stuffed full of kebabs, burgers, pizza, lager and 3 million visitors per year. Wedged in a town in desperate need of culinary upgrade, the team at Muskets and Moonshine decided they were going to bring something special to Queenstown locals and visitors alike.

Southern USA’s amazing flavours is what they envisaged and was to be only the best recipes the Southern States had to offer, and so their journey started……………….


After many months on their quest to find the best Southern recipes they came across a 6-hour BBQ Ribs contest in Louisville, Kentucky. Curious about why these amazing Pitmasters would take a mind numbing 6-hours to cook ribs, The Muskets and Moonshine team needed to know more.


After speaking to several of the contestants they realized that these secret recipes were secret for a very good reason, so proud to deliver this awe-struck flavour you cannot find anywhere else. However the team wasn’t deterred in their mission to bring back the best recipes the Southern States had to offer and so came up with a great idea.

 After the contest had finished and people were going home, they approached the winner of the contest, Mrs Joanne Krisenstock, they explained to her their plans to bring the recipe back to NZ and cleverly traded a local NZ traditional recipe for Southland cheese rolls in exchange for Mrs Krisenstock’s slow cooked ribs rub recipe.


After much persuasions Mrs Krisenstock agreed and wrote down her secret rub and cooking instructions for her mind blowing slow cooked ribs that had been handed down through generations by her great, great grandmother.


Excited and eager to bring the recipe back to Queenstown they flew home to NZ and launched Muskets and Moonshine bringing with them “The famous tastes from Southern USA” slow smoking ribs for 6 hours using Mrs Krisenstocks special rub recipe. The most amazing Jambalaya with shrimp, pork belly and chicken along with options to try Moonshine, craft beer and many other southern USA inspired recipes.